10 years of school life: a walk down the memory lane.

There hangs on the wall across my study table a photograph of a boy attired in gray trousers and white shirt, decorated with a little maroon neck tie. The boy in the picture is me and the photo had been clicked by my father, ten years ago, when I returned home, after my first day at Don Bosco. Through the mild eyes of the sweet boy, I can trace back the ten years of my school life, spent merrily in Don Bosco, amidst friends and teachers.
When the bad things about school life ends, the good things too end. It really gives a jerk to the body and shock to the brain to know that after a few months, we will not be there in Don Bosco. No one can save us now from the clutches of time as it plays upon our heartstrings and make us cry for frantic help.
How these ten years have passed, I don’t know. It was all in a jiffy. I still remember the day, when I stepped into the school campus with fear and anxiety, sad and overpowered by filial attitude!!! However those fears have now turned into a supreme feeling of confidence radiated by the love and help of my friends. The close relationship with the teachers was not that profound at that time. Teachers meant terror (some of them still do). Later on most of the high school teachers proved to be very kind and affectionate to us. Though sometime they appeared to be harsh and rough, yet beneath the façade their intentions were always noble, filled with parental care.
The best assets that I have obtained in these ten years are my friends. In the lower classes the sense of having a true friendship with someone did not exist. There were only tiffin-sharing and playing partners. But from class nine onwards things really got to change. It is really ironic that I got my present best friends, Pragyan and Apratim, only in class 9. The three of us formed a special group, and our ideals were certain personalities like John Keats and Chetan Bhagat.
As for me, mimicry and cracking jokes were the most memorable experience in this school, apart from getting the highest marks in some subjects. For some of my classmates it was playing basketball and cricket while for some the most memorable time sitting in the library reading some books or magazines.
Next year if someone asks me, “How was life at Don Bosco?” it would be difficult to answer. My feeling about this supreme institution is mixed, probably everyone’s is. It is not that everything had happened in these ten years is pleasant to remember. Some make me laugh, some cry, some sad while others angry. I don’t know how we are going to feel when once the Bosco life gets over. The world to come is really tough and things are not as smooth outside as it is inside the school campus that gives an enormous feeling of safety and company. It is not that our batch left no blemishes on the canvas of Don Bosco but still, many of us had brought immense laurels to the school. Some audacious behavior had been redeemed by our soft and gentle behavior of ours. Our school has been an integral part of our lives in these ten years as we passed the different stages of life, from carefree childhood to stormy adolescence to exciting teenage. It has always been a friend, philosopher and guide, supporting us in our distress, caressing us in our sickness, giving substance and purpose to our lives.
May be Don Bosco would not miss us because bidding farewell to a batch of students every year, has become a part of its life. But we will definitely miss Don Bosco. We will miss the rebukes of the teachers; we will miss the monotony of the Social Studies class, we will miss the friendly gossips, we will miss the excitement of free periods; never again will we get the chance to wear the white and gray uniform and meditate in the morning assembly, no special Wednesday uniform….. no this and no that; the list is endless.
Yes I am proud that I have been a student of Don Bosco School and am proud too of my friends and teachers. Good luck to all my batch-mates for their HSLC examinations.
(article published in BOSCONIAN 2006-2007)

One thought on “10 years of school life: a walk down the memory lane.

  1. Debanuja says:

    gr8 article buddy. didn’t know u were such a good writer too. this article really expresses ur love 4 ur friends more than ur love for school. but i think we actually remember our alma mater more for our frnds. neways really liked reading it

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