Writing a story of my life.

Perhaps this is the question, which I think should be answered at first, as the first blog in my blog-account. Thousands of blog accounts exist and millions more will boom into existence in the near future. So where is the significance of creating a blog account stand? That is the first questions which had stuck me when I hit upon the idea of creating a blog, being advised by some friends and well wishers. Well-wishers? Isn’t it sounding strange? Well-wishers for what? Now to bring you into the activities of my life, which is not bound to have a roller coaster storyline, still…….
I have been writing since the age of thirteen, when I was in standard 7. My first piece just a few lines long, was published in a city based daily’s children column. Well that was my first and last prose piece to be published in a children’s column. I am proud of that fact. Then I kept on writing for some little known Guwahati based newspapers and magazines. Anyone the remuneration which I had received from those was not satisfactory, and moreover, I didn’t attain any recognition.
However then I got an invitation by a local editor to write a piece on the life of a particular freedom fighter, whose name I don’t think is important to mention(its not Gandhi, by the way), for a magazine to be published celebrating 100 years of his birth. Then came the surprise, a few days later, when my piece was published in that magazine and I saw my name printed side by side with the top names of the city. That article got me some recognition among some particular people.
The real recognition waited ahead, some days you can say. A DTP editor in the Assam Tribune office and a family friend somehow came to my life as a blessing and he introduced me to the Chief Editor of this paper. From that day I had almost 9-10 articles on various topics published in the adult columns and op-ed column of the esteemed daily of the city, which I think is a considerable achievement for a guy of my age.
This may seem crap to many, writing about my life, nothing eventful. Things which I wrote here are not things which could have been narrated somewhere else, except my diary.
So, to those who stumble upon this piece of blog, I offer my humble apology for any mistake or sub standard writing.
As the first blog I place before you a review of the novel Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra. This is my first try at writing literary reviews.

2 thoughts on “Writing a story of my life.

  1. RAHUL SHARMA says:

    well it is really good to know.keep up the spirit.very few have dis talent.

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