PUBLISHED: THE ASSAM TRIBUNE HORIZON, ‘feelings’; on April 11th 2009.

Flying into the garden of nature, I saw,
A red rose in its bloom,
She smiled at me and the sky alike,
The rose was lovely and the wind strong
Beating upon the petals it blew past the flower,
I sang a love-song.

The petals are now all crushed and crumpled,
The amorous wind fondled her for long;
Ravished by the wind’s lust
She is crumpled on the grass
Her beauty is lost and her colour gone,
Leaving me shorn of love.

Droning around her I pine,
Though I am no Swallow of the Prince,
A mere bee, with an eye for the clammy cup,
Yet I have, not a mind so etherized
As not to bemoan ……
The loss of someone one’s life, someone’s love……..


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