For the 3rd time in my life, I found myself in our car seating next to my dad at the wheel, on the way to Kaziranga National Park (KNP). Times have changed-the last time I visited KNP, I was a mere school boy flooded with teenage fantasies about wildlife and jungles. But now, years later as an engineering student of a reputed college my perceptions and thoughts have undergone radical changes, still the woods continue to mystify me and infuse a childlike enthusiasm into me. Nostalgia and a sense of admiration for the jungle is evoked as soon as we reach those viewpoints and signboards proclaiming ‘animal corridor-drive slowly’ on NH-37, with the green Burapahar standing tall on one side and the vast expanse of Kaziranga forest on the other. And somewhere far ahead this vast expanse merges with the mighty Brahmaputra.
Of the earlier trips to Kaziranga i have pleasant memories and picturesque impressions-jeep safaris, elephant safari, encountering a herd of wild elephants, a lake in the Agratoli range painted white with the migratory pelicans and of course numerous sights of the famous one-horned rhinos. In one of the trips I even visited the museum developed and maintained by Dr. Robin Banerjee, the man who played a very important role in bringing KNP into the wildlife map of the world, at his residence at Golaghat. This time the most memorable part of my trip was the elephant safari into the Bagori range. Quite early in the winter morning when the fog made it difficult to see the person standing next to you, we were quite lucky to sight three or four rhinos and a few buffaloes. Apart from the animal sightings, as a nature lover, i have always felt that the jungle itself was intriguing and intoxicating. It provokes you to think about the resources of Assam and how despite so much trial and tribulation-we have the floods, the poachers, lack of forest and wildlife awareness among the locals, the infiltration into the jungle- thee wood thrives and evokes admiration from people all over the world.
Also this trip to KNP exposed me to another shocking thing-the growth and development of a number of private tourist resorts and hotels. Up to a few years ago, the tourist accommodation in Kaziranga was mainly in the Government tourist complex in Kohora and one or two hotels. Unfortunately, i myself too stayed in one of those posh resorts. No one can point a finger at them, of course. Tourism is an industry and it is a birth right of everyone in the hospitality sector to invest at an international tourist spot. But where is the justification of hosting whole night DJ parties on the 31st eve? Its not a city lounge bar. Its a global heritage site. Perhaps it can be justified by saying that a major section of tourists have no interest in wildlife and their sole motive is to have a retreat from their hectic city life. Its amazing that of all places on earth you find Kaziranga for a pleasure trip!
Isn’t there any line of difference between wildlife tourism and pleasure trip? And isn’t there something known as the ambience of a place which should be maitained? The industry on one side tries to expand as much as it can and on the other a major section of the media is busy higlighting the demerits of the expansion of this business sector in and around Kaziranga. There many questions which need to answered and debates which should take place. Perhaps only then a justified solution can come up. But as nature lovers and as sensible people of Assam, whenever we visit KNP, i think we should bear in mind that there is more to it than simply enjoying a pleasant stay in a grand resort; perhaps we should keep in mind the great responsibilty we have towards Kaziranga because its our activities along with nature’s fury that plays a considerable role in the killing of many rhinos and destruction of other wildlives. And, dear readers, if that is destroyed, then tourism sector or Dj Parties, all will be ruined in Kaziranga.


  1. Saurav says:

    man u hav excellently pointed out d the increasing commercialization… DJ nite in kaziranga… it sucks… cudn't hav dey done sumthing better..kudos bro for speking out!

  2. anwesha says:

    yes!you have really said it out…and all of us should actually keep these things in our minds and help in our own ways…really!your article was very very inspiring … very nice … keep up this kind of good effort … feeling very good to see you still working with this super quality of yours … wonderful…very good luck to you !!

  3. harshit says:

    ur classic dude! hats off…

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