A few days earlier i have decided to make my blogging a bit more regular activity, otherwise my entries come after a gap of bout 2-3 months. But as usual, i can’t write that frequently courtesy the hectic life of an engineering college. So here’s a poem, i penned about 2 years back……..

From the dungeons of pessimism.

Time and again, I have been told,

By all those around me who are wise,

To look and feel, the good and bright,

And then smile,

We are still smiling.

I don’t smile, I have not learnt to.

The hopes have left me for good,

Never to return to this heart.

My heart has rebelled

Against the odds that time has propelled,

Now despair girdles me.

Still some sit swaddled in a dubious optimism,

Others slit the throats,

And there is love for love,

They think: “Only you and me,

Sweetie…sweet heart.”

3 thoughts on “AN OLD POEM……..

  1. Apratim says:

    excellent..last lines were a bit tough…but finally understood…

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