Why we don’t support Anna Hazare.

By Abhishek Saha and Md. Zishan Khan

Compiled and Edited by Abhishek Saha

Inputs from The Hindu, Frontline, EPW, and several other websites


The views expressed in this article are the personal views of the writers, and are not to hurt the sentiments of anyone.


The Anna Hazare phenomena has gripped the nation for a couple of months now- with the media multiplying the truth of his struggle and broadcasting him as the next Gandhi, and rational critiques and social scientists rubbishing his style of fight and some even objecting to the nature of “his” Lokpal bill. Through these months the developments in the Anna Hazare case, has been gripping and shocking at times. And recently, the government made a poor exhibition of its shaken seat, by arresting the 70-something old man and drastically putting him behind the bars.

Well, we all know that India has a history and habit of producing overnight heroes, the most recent name in this “Transient Hero List” is Anna Hazare. Suddenly, he has become a household name and has taken a permanent seat in the hearts of the people if not in the parliament. Well, Anna is a 74 year old Gandhian who suddenly one Monday morning thought of making his regionalized anti corruption movement to go national and reached the ‘Seat of Nobles’ – Delhi. His noble thought of curbing the malaise of corruption from Indian administrative and executive body by proposing to make parallel pseudo-governmental machinery against the corrupt should surely be commended not as a thought but as an initiative revival.


“A corrupt government devoid of moral authority is ill-equipped to deal rationally with legitimate public anger” –Editorial, The Hindu, August 17, 2011.

The bewildered, panicky and frightened government is trying all sorts of measures from firing allegation against Anna to locking him up in Tihar jail. It is suddenly being questioned from all directions by the public in press and by the opposition in the parliament. While everybody is trying to extract maximum of this movement (politicians aspiring for their political gains, wannabes for coolness, brands by maximizing profits by selling tees with “Anna, I m with u” imprinted on them, TV channels by holding some nonsense debates) the government is tasting the most sour of grapes just going around corner to corner trying to answer but instead spilling out something rubbish out of panic.


Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer

Things fall apart the centre cannot hold

Mere anarchy is let loose on the world…

-The Second Coming

By William Butler Yeats

Well, to people Anna has been the Second Coming of Gandhi because as per an oracle there was to be a second coming of Gandhi (as of Christ) when the world will be engulfed by sins and sinners. Anna suddenly emerged as godly figure to save India and Indians from thy wrath of the evil politicians…

People have accepted Anna as their messiah who will give them shore in this strong storm of political upheaval and widespread corruption. So, the citizens have turned devotees of thy guru Anna) against this evil and corrupt government.

The very interesting point to note at this juncture is that, is the Team Anna and the Congress government completely unaware of the fact that taking a chance out of their anti-corruption crusade’s clash with the scam-tainted government, a rather devastatingly communal opposition is taking over the political scenario of the country, by turning the issue as an anti-Congress agenda? The prime minister of the country and Sonia Gandhi are being criticised in rallies backed by political agendas as if they were the one and only embodiments of the corruption menace sweeping over the country. The people of this country have to understand a crucial point that neither corruption was created by a magic wand nor can it be remedied using a magic wand! A prolonged pattern of financial system dominating the country has resulted in this widespread sickness and, as Prabhat Patnaik says in a latest essay in Frontline, “The steep rise in corruption is due to the change in the property regime brought about by the freeing of markets and the privatisation drive”. (You can refer to the complete essay “Roots of the Malaise” by the reputed intellectual for a detailed analysis into the root causes of corruption.) Yes strict laws and stringent steps will obviously go a long way into curbing this malaise, but, my dear Anna Hazare ji does the answer lie simply in creating a mass hysteria kind of thing and convincing the common people that only a “ … draconian, anti-corruption law, in which a panel of carefully chosen people will administer a giant bureaucracy, with thousands of employees, with the power to police everybody from the Prime Minister, the judiciary, members of Parliament, and all of the bureaucracy, down to the lowest government official” (Arundhuti Roy, The Hindu) , is the only solution of the problem? We haven’t achieved the India which you see now in a day or two; 200 years of struggle for a democratic, republic, free, sovereign, secular nation has led us to what we call India today. We have a heritage of our democracy; but yes along with that in these 64 years of Independence we also have a heritage of political thieves, corrupted leaders, and incidences that can be sceptically called to be gang-rapes of democracy. But does that still justify the undemocratic clauses of your bill, and your adamant attitude in the face of world’s largest democracy? Can any rational judge of the entire incident overlook the fact that by waging a violent or non-violent war (Maoists or Team Anna) against a sovereign democracy, what you are doing best is nothing but destabilising an entire nation’s democratic system and making people lose faith in a stable democracy, which is certainly not the way to fight corruption?


“The youth has awakened. They are the biggest strength of the country. They will not tolerate any further loot and corruption.”- Anna Hazare at the Ramlila Ground.

The youth? Which youth are you talking about Anna Hazare ji?

That youth who do not vote? Or the one which doesn’t cooperate in census? Or that which always try to fly from India? Does this youth follower of yours know about the tribulations of people in Gilgit-Baltistan or the fast of Irom Sharmila in Manipur?, Or that youth generation which prefers Woodland leather over Bata, and looks down at everything Indian brand( in short gives a dumb thumb to everything Indian be it the government or public toilet )? Or that youth mass which has out of the blue found a new cool fashion/ lifestyle/ attitude brand -The Anna brand?

Anna Hazare ji, if you think that the youth, the materialistically dominated, politically disillusioned and illiterate, chronically alcoholic and porn afflicted youth, which doesn’t know the head or tail of Indian heritage, culture, the history of Indian democracy, are really up with you by understanding your cause, then we are sorry to say, that you are very much mistaken and out-dated.

It’s a mass hysteria, and please don’t stay in an illusion that it’s a mass upheaval. And moreover without a proper ideology, a political or financial ideology, there can’t be a revolution in the country which will change the system- just like any random guy shooting dictators can’t be Bhagat Singh (who had a very strong Marxist- Leninist ideology guiding him), similarly politically or financial- knowledge wise unsound crowd can’t bring in a social revolution.


Corruption is a malaise that cannot disappear overnight by having a certain law; it needs active participation of the people, moral responsibility of citizens and awareness about one’s rights. It would not be even legitimate to fantasize about a sudden shift in India’s rank from 87 to under 10 in next Transparency International report; it’s not like you woke up one day to find you are 30 year old man from an 18 year boy, you will have to get pass your birthday each year to reach there, but you will certainly get there one day. Change needs time and time will change but not with such a hush-hush attitude. So, with all due respect, Anna ji please don’t give the slightest of probability to an extreme power authority which is over government, you yourself are aware of the coups around the world. We don’t want to join the league of Pakistan and Myanmar (we just want to be their geographical neighbours and allies) where it is not even feasible for a government to be stable for even the blink of an eye.


Md. Zishan Khan is a third year Civil Engineering student at BIT Mesra, Ranchi. An outstanding student, he writes political essays and poems.

Abhishek Saha, a third year Civil engineering student at BIT Mesra, Ranchi, is an active blogger and freelance photographer.


23 thoughts on “Why we don’t support Anna Hazare.

  1. Anupam says:

    that is a lot of hard work saha. keep it up.. 🙂

  2. Rainman says:

    Beautifully written! 🙂 Add to that the fact that everyone is selfish, as exemplified by the fact that the Jan LokPal bill refuses to include NGOs in the purview of the lokpal. And those silly youths without a second thought think it is courage to walk on the streets and protest. I bet that each and everyone of them, if caught and fined for 1000/- will try to weasel out by paying a 100. And they wont be wrong.You cannot be correct or wrong in matters of greed. At the end of the day, the very fact that you are earning, points towards greed. And its greed that makes us do what we have been doing. It is greed that got us this. And it is greed that is providing a solution to our problems…. 🙂 I have no solution, because my selfishness prevents me from wasting any more time on Anna Hazare….

  3. mihirvatsa says:

    'The youth? Which youth are you talking about Anna Hazare ji?That youth who do not vote? Or the one which doesn’t cooperate in census? Or that which always try to fly from India? Does this youth follower of yours know about the tribulations of people in Gilgit-Baltistan or the fast of Irom Sharmila in Manipur?, Or that youth generation which prefers Woodland leather over Bata, and looks down at everything Indian brand( in short gives a dumb thumb to everything Indian be it the government or public toilet )? Or that youth mass which has out of the blue found a new cool fashion/ lifestyle/ attitude brand -The Anna brand?'Something exactly what I think. Hmm, good read. 🙂

  4. I have one Question for you: What do you suggest should be done? You have explained Why you don't support Anna Hazare, But you haven't told what can be done to curb this menace called corruption, practically?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Basically all anti-anna ppl find it hard to accept/realise the very practical nature of the remedy. They try to counter it by saying a very 'moderate-ist' answer that a big menace such as corruption can't be curbed overnight. I say 'Where is that something? When is anything gonna start changing? A new government will come with new promises and won't probably 'cause much of an uprising or a change, thanks to the same group of uninterested youth and corrupt leaders.' And its a big fallacy from the side of the ppl to consider JanLokpal as a pseudo government. It is infact very much WITH the government 'cause it will work in accordance with the earlier amendment.

  6. Why is this article here in the first place. Because talking about corruption was never this 'COOL'. At least now we are talking about it on a very large scale because of 'SOME PEOPLE'Corruption cannot be curtailed overnight. Definitely. Pretty basic and known fact. But you have to start somewhere. No one is saying that if the JAN LOKPAL DRAFT gets passed, corruption will just vanish. But it will at least to some extent be the beginning of the end of corruption.How many suggestions have the writers given to all the 'INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION' campaign. More than 3000 people have taken time out of their hectic schedule to give their respective thoughts. And to claim that none of the above 3000 belong to the 'YOUTH CATEGORY' is a gross mistake. If the youth situation was as bad as portrayed, then probably we must all leave INDIA and stay abroad, because its only a matter of time before the 'YOUTH' takes over the government machinery. And frankly..How many of us don't actually belong to the 'WOODLAND CATEGORY'..or how many of us have never used any 'APPROACH' in our life…Are 'WE' that bad….!!!!Democratic approach..!!!! This point isn't worth discussing. Its of no use in such a political environment. We are not new to system functioning.Are we..!!!! There are laws to curb corruption. The democratic approach that is to say. How much succesfull are they..?????It's not that Mr ANNA HAZARE JI just woke one monday morning and began his fast.When left with no other option this 'WRONG STEP' was undertaken. No one stopped us from giving our opinion on this 'UNDEMOCRATIC METHOD' or what other ways could have been used, over internet. How many of us actually took time and did it..???Refer ICAC HONGKONG and the measures taken by that commitee to end corruption in HONGKONG. After 30 years, the results are their for everybody to see.Mr ARVIND KEJRIWAL video at IIT CHENNAI is a must watch. A highly debatable video. No doubt. But a definite eye opener.What according to the writers be the democratic measures that could be taken to end this malaise…???

  7. Yantani says:

    hmm…undoubtedly well-written…n obv, evry1 is entitled 2 dr view…all said n done, I want to ask u one simple thing..wat is exactly ur view in dis matter???n atleast give a view of wat shud be done rather than what shud not be done…its always easy to give lectures n pass judgement over others n telling dat the batsman shud have taken dat shot,etc.etc….wat is difficult is 2 stand up n try to move d wheel urself when it is stuck in d mud…atleast we all shud giv it a try…dats wat dat man and his followers r trying to do…if u dnt want 2 dirty ur hands urself,u shudnt atlst call them fools who do d work….n dis revolution was waiting 2 happen 4 a long time…it just needed a spark…n this movement was only dat spark…Rome wasn't built in 1 day…nor did India get its independence in 1 month…it took years of protests n rallies to free India…it is just a start of a revolution against corruption,in general…its not dat Anna has started dis movement…dis movement had started long ago…but it has got the full attention now…u r behaving like doz elite people who used to think dat India will never becum a free country n dat bapu n neaji n bhagat singh r just showmen,but India did becum free eventually…so stop being a cynic n b brave enuf 2 try 2 dream of an India free of its corruption as well…-Anindita Roy

  8. abhishek says:

    good work …i needed to hear this. 🙂

  9. niks says:

    brilliant piece of work.. and i totally agree that big changes never comes with sudden shocks.. so if we really want corruption to get vanished from the society..we all should put our each step towards that direction.. as per our constitution.. "the governmnt of us, the governmnt by us and the governmnt for us.." so if we really want india to be corruption free than each and every citizen needs to be corruption free as after all the politicians are selected among us only…

  10. Hoimawati says:

    ok..first of all the first part i din lyk personally bcz der ws nothin new to it..d things whc all of us kno..bt d second coming ws more of intrstin gvin it new direction n dimension..d authors own set up..so good work derreaders wan somethin new,evrytym dey read a piece,so try to kip up dat expectation of d readers..in any way,d work shud b appreciated:)

  11. Anwesha says:

    That was quite well-written. You have put in a lot of effort and thinking. But, the point is that, a coin has two sides. I can't help but agree with Apratim Ganguli's comment. We do have to start somewhere. "The prime minister of the country and Sonia Gandhi are being criticised in rallies backed by political agendas as if they were the one and only embodiments of the corruption menace sweeping over the country. The people of this country have to understand a crucial point that neither corruption was created by a magic wand nor can it be remedied using a magic wand! "Nevertheless, that part was well said. You have expressed your views in quite an impressive manner. Good work, Abhishek Saha. 🙂

  12. nicely written….i don't have so strong opinions for or against d jan lokpal bill bt i dont think dat merely introduction of a new structure in our constitution can contribute towards eradicating corruption from the system…We already have a structured system n i think running the existing system in a better way is more important dan bringing abt new changes…n most importantly, b4 blaming the govt or politicians, it is d ppl of India who shud retrospect and see how much each one of us contributes to corruption in our country….mayb instead of coming out in d streets and protesting against the govt, each and every Indian shud first go on a self check mode….dat wud b a gr8 step 2wards eradicating corruption from our system…

  13. Saurav says:

    great piece ! kudos to both you guys..I think the recent events all go to show how fickle minded we Indians are. The people supporting Anna and the mass hysteria created by his 'team' can't seem to acknowledge the fact that a solution can't be found in a day. At the end of the day we the people are to blame. Whatever the country has become is because of us. How many people will still say No to a bribe when it can get the JOB done?And if you are not satisfied with the government, then why did you vote for them in the first place.What we need is a true awakening of the middle classes, the class which is the engine of our India. By supporting a media celebrity and propagating the idea of a wonder bill (which I think many don't even have an idea about) is not what can be called as a revolution.Keep up the good work!

  14. Well, Apratim Ganguli, let “the writers” counteract your criticism and answer you point wise. You are very wrong in saying that the writers thinks it’s “cool” to talk about corruption and that’s why they are writing this piece. We have written this piece because we believe in a certain national system called democracy, from which you must have lifted your faith fuelled by the anti-democratic methods of your guru Anna Hazare ji! We believe in a certain ideology, and don’t support Anna Hazare’s demands and ways, so we wrote this.Again you are wrong that, people are talking on a large scale NOW because of SOME PEOPLE. My dear, since the time this menace has caught hold of the nation, writers, film-makers, editors, novelists, playwrights, social activists, intellectuals, have in their own way raised their finger against this menace. In fact, one of the authors of the article, Abhishek Saha, had written an editorial page article titled “The Menace of corruption” for the North-East based daily The Assam Tribune in 2004. It’s just that now, thanks to a media driven hysteria, rather than fighting for a cause people have come out with something like a new fashion brand, as if fighting against corruption is like following Aamir Khan’s new hairstyle. We don’t agree to your noble argument that “But it will at least to some extent be the beginning of the end of corruption” , because we rather believe that a bill as draconian as the Jan Lok Pal which aims to give the entire power to a chosen group of individuals, is basically a defunct concept. For further elaboration on this point, you can refer to Arundhati Roy’s article in The Hindu, and several other articles and essays, which if you seriously intend to read, I can give the links.And yes, taking into consideration your disbelief in the democratic system, I would suggest that you take the next flight to any of autocratically ruled nations in the world!“Corruption cannot be curtailed overnight” – we know that it’s a pretty basic known fact but people either are bypassing this fact or ignoring it quite intelligently.

  15. My dear friend, you might not be saying that this bill will stop corruption overnight but many people are.See, we are not in favour of corruption; we are as much at the receiving end of it as others. We mainly have problems with Anna’s so called “Gandhian ways”India has a population of approximately 120 crore, of that 120 crore, if 3000 odd people have put their thoughts and inputs to the bill we don’t consider it such a big achievement (especially in the light of the process through which our Lok Sabha members are being elected); but again it’s a relative thought.India is a Sovereign Democratic Republic, there is a certain way and order of doing things, and for that we have the constitution. For instance, if a stubborn kid wants to play with fire or knife or any accident-potent thing, he is first supposed to ask permission from his guardian, if they have confidence that the boy is mature enough to play with fire (or knife etc) and will not be a threat to either himself or anyone/anything else, then he will be granted permission. It doesn’t mean that if he is being denied permission he should opt some other secret ways of satisfying his stubbornness.If Anna is justified for his protest against government, why the Maoists are not? Why are the young Kashmiris not? (Please don’t say that Anna is following “Gandhian non-violent principles” because that would be an insult to Gandhiji and his non-violent struggle).What system functioning are you talking about? The system works this way my friend. A democracy simply doesn’t mean that everyone is allowed to do anything they want. Democracy is much more than that. Was Anna ji not left with any other alternative? How about a constitutional way (just for a change), if he is having that much ‘youth support (India has the one of the best demographic dividend) why doesn’t he give himself a chance in the next Lok sabha elections. Annaji Make a party-> Stand in next Lok sabha election-> keep Jan Lokpal Bill in your party manifesto (in the past parties have even won elections with a photograph of a “demolished Masjid” on their manifesto!) -> you already have people support (the so called Indian youth)-> give these crooked, corrupt politicians a dumb thumb and stash all the votes away->win the election->introduce your “Jan Lokpal Bill” in the parliament->pass your version of bill with full majorityWe, Apratim Ganguli, the writers of this piece will be the happiest people on earth if that happens.

  16. About ICAC first try to draw the parallels between India and Hong Kong. On the basis of demography and geography India:Demography 121 crore; Geography 3287263 sq km Hong Kong: Demography 7 lakh; Geography 1104 sq km I guess this much figure is enough to explain the vast differences between the two. Yes we know that severe struggle using various means have been applied in many different countries to erect stringent laws against different issues (as written in a recent editorial in The Hindu). But, in the Indian context, we don’t believe in Anna’s fight. And we are even more worried that this fight is helping in cultivating a complete disbelief among the mass, which may destabilize the state in near future. Referring to “highly debatable but eye opener” Mr. Kejriwal’s video, we can only say that, in Egypt there had been emergency since 1967, it had been under martial rule for decades whereas India is a sovereign democratic republic. I hope this piece of information clears your doubts about the shaky reference made by the activist. And in the end, we would just like to say, that neither you nor we, can predict correctly what will happen in the coming few days across the country, because our times are so turbulent. Some minor issue will be presented like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs, someone will search for some weirdly selfish personal gain and take outrageous steps, and political parties will dance to the tune of the gullible mass.

  17. It seems Anindita that you have completely misunderstood our stand point. We simply don’t understand where you see a “revolution” in all this. As we have maintained that “revolution” social, cultural or political can’t actually take place without an ideology, demanding for laws is not revolution. We are not being cynic madam. We just want things to be done in the right way by marching down the right lane. The Anna Team is following the policy of obscurantism- a policy of creating obscure situations and circumstances that will force an authority to act in a certain non-progressive manner. It will not take much time for section 144 to convert to a curfew and an emergency in the country. As far as Bapu, Netaji and Bhagat Singh though the three were freedom fighters but they had totally different forms of struggle against the British and believed in different political ideologies. It’s like the 3 perpendicular directions like X, Y, and Z axis, (hoping being students of engineering we will understand it better this way…). We are not against corruption but we mainly question Anna’s ways, means and methods.

  18. Yantani says:

    Please, if you all are so wise and sensible, it would be highly appreciable if you put forward your own opinion. This is what I was asking for in my last post. But you completely evaded the main point. However, Apratim, above, has said a lot about this topic, so hopefully it will suffice to make you understand our main point.And thanks for bringing the concept of engineering in this topic. But to correct you, the methods of Bapu, Netaji and Bhagat Singh were not in perpendicularly opposite directions. Their ways are better compared to state functions in thermodynamics, where all are various paths joining the same initial and final point.And, yes, I have my ideology. That was what I was talking about when I used the word ‘revolution’. And if you do not understand the meaning of this word, then refer to a dictionary. Or better, yet, look at history. And I have my reasons to stand for my ideology against corruption. It would be a huge lie if I say that I have ever tried to do anything to curb the corruption that is eating up the very roots of this golden country of ours. Like a normal Indian child, I have seen the corruption everywhere and always thought that “India ka kuch nhi ho sakta”. And, yes, I had not thought before all this had happened that it was possible to do something. Yaar, I grew up in a town where the most notorious criminals become MP’s. No one could raise their voice or use their pen against them or they would be silenced forever. They have their gangs of goons to do all their dirty work. And that is how they became MP’s and MLA’s in the first place-by using their power. I have seen several acquaintances getting brutally murdered and have seen entire families disappear. Even the Rajya Sabha MPs are no better. They might not be criminals but they are not even any harbingers of good times. I say this because I had the great fortune to study under such an ex- MP (and I’m not being sarcastic).He was a great educationist but once he became an MP, he used the opportunity to only fill his already full coffers with more money. I have seen my father, a PWD civil engineer, try his best to curtail the insufficient and fraud bills and tenders proposed by contractors (most of who are the sons or sons-in-law or some other relation of some MP or MLA) from passing but finally crumbling under their power and threats. I don’t know how growing up in Assam, you have not seen the corruption and highly under-developed condition of the state. It might be that growing up in the capital city has been a different experience. But, you have lived in Silchar for some time, at least. Did you once come to Silchar from Guwahati by road? Or did you just travel by flight always? Hmm… I am sorry to remove your rose-tinted spectacles but this DEMOCRACY and right method of approach you are talking about, do not exist in reality. And if you already know this and still think that this democracy will start functioning correctly by itself, it is high time you open your minds to your full potential and realize the 2nd law of thermodynamics- nothing happens by itself-some work has to be done. And this is what this movement is about. I’m supporting this bill not because it is some wonder bill but because it proposes better control of corruption in this country. Of course, you are free to oppose this bill. But, I again ask you to give some new enlightening idea to remove corruption from this country if not by this bill. We would love to listen to something new rather than the repetitions and quotations of famous critics and journalists. You people are damn intelligent and good writers. Kindly, try to put something new and original next time rather than walking on the no-man’s land.P.S. On a lighter note, please read the last line in the reply that you have given me on your blog.(LOL, it was damn funny esp considering the topic of our discussion.)

  19. Yantani says:

    And if you think that all I'm talking about is untrue then do open the newspapers and see what happens in most of the states across India. Jharkhand is,in itself, a shining example of what true democracy in India is. And I beg you, do not evade the main point again..:)

  20. Anonymous says:

    this is my personal view too.This article is written by the writers who have a negative sense of approach…they can't do anything good themselves on their own level,but always complain of the bad.Ya I agree that there is no magic wand to uproot corruption but to build a home u need a foundation.

  21. mukulbadshah says:

    Hello Mr. author, i find you among them ,who has certain degree of intellectual arrogance, but i yet to see any cocrete suggestion from them, how to deal with corruption.Regarding middle class till now they have been given the choice either be an honest and call themself a fool and be a "corrupt smart" to raise you and your family and majority of middle class have chosen later , with an angusih in there heart that there is not a fair system in our country .The real problem of you people is ,in fact, the hidden danger of revival of right wing forces in the country on the garb of this movement, fair enough, this is a legitimate concern.But one should understand that the movement is to change the system not the rulers.The author if could suggest better way to protest ,for a justified demand under the umbrella of constitution,then Anna,s way, i will stop supporting him and stand behind this author.Now pls stop being a armchair cynic or may i go further drwaing room fsacist then stand with the pulse of the nation.I hope you don,t delete this post.Good day.

  22. Pragyan says:

    i read arundhati roy's article in the hindu. I also the read the plethora of letters which debunked her theories. You have made your point. But you should give revolution a chance (actually i thought you were the revolutionary socialist kind). There is no right or wrong about public outcry. You cant brand it as immature and erroneously impulsive. It takes huge public outcries like these to bring the govt to its senses.

  23. It is a well articulated piece of views on an issue that was given huge…..casting by all the Print and TV media. It was a reality TV show that was uninterruptedly shown, and has made record for itself. One aspect that you probably missed is that under the present system of capitalist means of production and profit motive of the entrepreneurs, corruption cannot be erased neither it can be rooted out. Moreover, it could be well argued that this phase of movement by India Against Corruption may well have been designed to divert the attention of the people from the vexed issues of price rise, rapid job loss, job less growth, reduction in the wages of the workers.

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