a photo-story


About 65 kms away from Guwahati’s hustle-bustle, there exists a serene lake, nestled away quietly amidst hills, tea gardens and Rabha villages. History says that this large lake was formed during the massive 1897 Assam earthquake and a local further explained that at that time, five mountains had sunken into the ground and hence the name Chandubi- where Chand means five in Khasi and Dubi means sinking.

Chandubi lakes’ picturesque setting attracts a lot of visitors and picnic parties. It is also a home to a large variety of migratory birds in the winter.


A panoramic view of the Chandubi Lake

Boats lined up for carrying tourists across the lake

Our boatman- a young Rabha boy

In the lake, a number of young boys from the nearby village of Jaramukhia work part-time as boatmen and ferry visitors across the lake

A boatman enjoying his leisure time

Tourists taking pictures of the landscape from a boat

I encountered this man from the nearby village dressed up fashionably with a black hat and boating across the river



The two young Rabha guys who were our boatmen


Driving directions-

From Guwahati you have to go towards Airport and then up to Mirza Charali (or police point), from there take left turn towards Mirza College and go towards Barihat> Loharghat> Chand dubi or Chandubi lake road. Up to Mirza buses are available but from there you have to take private vehicle to reach the lake. Take food along with you as there is no such provision of food stall near the lake. If you are planning to stay at the government tourist lodge near the lake , must carry full ration including kerosene and petrol. Be careful in doing water activities especially boating as lots of accidents occurs here.

Best time to visit- From November to May.

One thought on “WHERE THE MOUNTAINS SANK- a photo-story

  1. Hi! the photography is soo awesome.. looking at ur blog i decided to organise a picnic in our department for one day to chandubi… I am doing my b.tech at iitguwhati btw… Do you know any bus services we can book for 200 people? please let me know if u do.. thank you 🙂

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